national day of kindness

National World Kindness Day

November 13th

Indeed, today is National World Kindness Day. Not only is it a great concept it’s also a good example of creative marketing¬† opportunities and in that vein it’s a reminder that being creative with your business marketing can create its own great concept. It’s not important what business you’re in, you can find a way to get noticed. You can find a path of simplicity or complexity, it’s your choice. The point is together with a creative marketing team or all by yourself there is a creative path to marketing visibility.

Join forces and promote events like National World Kindness Day either locally or virtually, I’m pretty sure those promoting this event would welcome your participation.

If you’ve been in business for a while I’m sure you’ll remember the famous Coke ad from 1971 and if you’re not familiar with it you can watch it here for the first time. The ad was a huge hit way beyond the time-frame it ran in, it’s been posted to YouTube quite a few times and this version alone has had over 1,250,000 views. It’s easy for businesses to give into the easy marketing of negativity and fear yet time and again advertising centered around family, community and cooperation does a fine job for the client.


And yes there can be some backlash against a business if they are perceived to be exploiting a cause strictly from a profit standpoint. The solution to not being viewed as exploiting a good cause is for a business to be transparent and authentic about their involvement with the cause or concept, walk the talk so to speak.

It’s always the right time for business to be involved with their communities and with the people inhabiting those communities. It’s always the right time to be involved with helping to create and maintain a solid foundation within the communities that support your business.

The sky is the limit for connecting business in a transparent and authentic way that benefits everyone, so get on board with social events like the World Kindness Day. you’ll be glad you did.



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