winter solstice

The Winter Solstice to those who pay attention, is a day of celebration and marks the shortest period of daylight each year. The Winter solstice also officially marks the first day of winter.

For small businesses the winter solstice is an opportunity to create an event that does not require connecting to a religious or political holiday. The first day of winter can be seen as a day of promise that heralds a new season for everyone around the globe. In the U.S. it is also the last celebration that occurs before Christmas and the hectic week before the New Year. It’s a time of lights and fires to lift everyone’s spirit and to celebrate living in a world of changing seasons.

A small business may advertise in the local papers, on the local radio stations or maybe on television to get the word out and invite everyone to stop by for some warm cider or hot chocolate along with some treats. Making the celebration low keyed and without a hard sell to it will give everyone a chance to put aside the frantic pace of buy, buy, buy.

There is not a lot of room to relax and chill out during the Christmas holidays and this is also true for those who don’t celebrate this holiday season. The season can be overwhelming for everyone. For a a forward thinking small business creating a peaceful setting that eschews the hammer of having to spend, spend and spend may open an oasis of clam and serenity for new and old customers alike.

In 2018 the Winter Solstice happens at the same time everywhere on the earth, some places on the globe will experience it on Dec 21st 2018 and some places will experience it on Dec 22nd 2018. The difference in the day is because depending where you are on the earth may be a different day than other place because of the rotation of the earth. Here are a few times around the globe when it will occur in 2018. Boston Friday 5:23 pm, Paris Friday 11:23 pm, Tokyo Sat 7:23 am, Sydney Sat. 9:23 am, Anchorage Friday 1:23 pm, Seattle Fri 2:23 pm, and here is a huge list of times around the globe for the winter solstice.

For more information on this subject check out the Wikipedia page.

The vast majority of winter solstice will occur on either Dec 21st or the 22nd, but in 2080 it will occur on Dec 20th and in 2303 it will occur on Dec 23rd.

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