Want Award-Winning Content Marketing? Think Comedy

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Engage Users Think Comedy For Marketing Campaigns

Everyone involved in marketing should put a placard on their wall reminding them to Think Comedy, if it does nothing else it will shake up the usual thinking ingrained in most organizations.

Take a trip for a moment down memory lane, think about the times you’ve walked out of a movie theater, a seminar, a course or maybe Karaoke night. Now remember the the level of engagement of those patrons who were smiling broadly or even still laughing. Will they share their experiences with friends the next day? Of course they will. Comedy is infectious and memorable.

The think Comedy sign you’ve recently prominently displayed on your office wall is the first step to integrating comedy into your marketing campaigns.

A recent post from Ashley Zeckman at TopRank Blog  laid out a compelling case for comedy in the marketing world.

“For those of you that think comedy won’t work for your brand, ask yourself: will it work for your customers?” – Tim Washer

Most the time, if you ask a group of people “do you like to laugh?” 100% of your audience will respond with a resounding “Yes!”. Seeing that, you’d assume that incorporating comedy into your content marketing would be a no-brainer, but that’s much easier said than done.

Further into the article they shared 4 ways to inject comedy into your marketing campaigns from Tim Washer of Cisco Systems

#1 – Build A Creative Culture

#2 – Re-frame Your Mistakes

#3 –Comedic Formulas & Examples

#4 – How to Tell Stories Well

When you have a moment click on over to the whole post for a more in-depth look at the 4 ways from Tim Washer.

 4 Ways Brands Can Use Creativity & Comedy to Create Award-Winning Content Marketing.

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