take a hike day

Take A Hike

Often the phrase Take A Hike is thrown out into the world with negative overtones, it’s mostly spewed by those of us who can’t be bothered with what another person thinks or says. It seems humans are quick to ignore and condemn others for infractions to the code, but not so quick when it comes to self introspection of our own thoughts and behavior. National Take A Hike Day is the perfect antidote to misunderstandings and the daily stress of things not going our way.

As a small business owner Take A Hike Day offers you an abundance of avenues to travel down for your business marketing and customer service campaigns. This day is tailored made for businesses to help there customers de-stress and expand there horizons, resulting in a stronger customer relationship and deeper loyalty.

Start out searching for nearby trails using one of the online resources I’ve listed below. Be sure to choose a number of different trails that will accommodate beginners, intermediates and experts alike. And don’t forget jot down length and diffuclutly ratings as a way to plan for both the young an older people who may take part in your event.

Suggestion One:  Think about hiring a nature or hiking expert that you can make available to your local schools. A school event could be created that invites parents to their child’s classroom to hear the hiking presentation. The school will love it and you can get lots of mileage as the sponsor Don’t forget to create posters and banner that clearly showcase the name of your business in conjunction with extolling the benefits of Take A Hike Day.

Suggestion Two: Connect a series of trips along local hiking trails for all ages with your school event or do it by itself. Find a few experienced hiking guides that are proficient in leading groups of kids, parents and older adults and also are good at story telling and being able to point our interesting info along the hike. Local scout leaders might be a good resource.

Suggestion Three: If hiking trips is too large an undertaking for the size of your business you may want to consider Coop Marketing where you team up with a few other businesses to help defray the marketing and employee cost.

However you decided to celebrate Take A Hike Day make sure things are fun and educational for all involved, after-all your goal is strengthening your ties with your customers and creating a marketing event that benefits the community at the same time.

Hint: As part of your event think about including some information about the upcoming Winter Solstice. The coming of winter along with it’s cold and shorter days connects perfectly with a talk about hiking in the fall and nature in general.


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