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Small Business Marketing - Our Thoughts

Many small businesses shudder when a marketer calls or drops into their business, for many it like waving a red flag at a bull. Small Business Marketing often is thing we'd rather avoid altogether.

The resistance and feelings of being uncomfortable when small business marketing is brought up can be attributed to not knowing what goes into marketing, that mostly can be laid at the feet of the marketers themselves. The whole marketing industry is shrouded in a dense fog of secrecy. I often think Small business Marketing is looked at the same as most of us look at physics and black holes, What do we say when a physicist explains quarks, neutrinos and gluons.What the heck is a "Gluon" anyway? Just go away right? Or we write the marketing agency a big check and hope that we are not getting ripped off.

Marketers are tasked with driving traffic to websites, getting customers into the store and purchasing products and services that small businesses offer. Often Small Business Marketing does what it does by making the consumer feel bad about themselves, too fat, too short, too old, too poor, too stupid etc.


Content Marketing Engages Your Customers


photo by: Jason Leung - on Unsplash