To Show Up Or Not To Show Up – That’s The Question

show up

A few decades ago I came across a book titled Do It! (let’s get off our buts) written by Peter McWilliams. Right from the beginning I loved the book and bought a few extra copies, copies which I gave to a few friends I thought might find them useful (they didn’t).

Each of us has to find their our own place where we can push off our boat and raise the sails to propel our journey, no one can tell us to Do It. But there is a piece of advice I think we can all use no matter which mindset we’re working with at the moment. The advice, Show Up!

Show Up? What does Show Up have to do with marketing and your business? If you’re still reading I’ll share with you what Show Up has to do with marketing and your business. And it has little to do with the demand to Do It.

At the base of all successful marketing campaigns is the knowledge about not only your business but knowledge of who your customers are and what it is that they want. A Marketing agency that doesn’t know your business or your customers will spend your marketing budget using a generic set of assumptions, generic assumptions that likely won’t perceptively improve your bottom line.

The key to serious success in a marketing campaign is integrating the decades of knowledge you possess about your business and the knowledge about who your customers are and what their needs are. In a successful marketing campaign generic assumptions and generic data won’t cut it.

Who Should Show Up?

Someone in your organization (doesn’t have to be you) needs to Show Up and be directly involved with your marketing campaigns. Someone needs to know your business and know your customers well. This direct involvement puts your marketing campaign miles ahead of competitors who rely on generic assumptions when rolling out their campaigns.

When you hear a generic assumption being made, stand up and say “Wait, those aren’t my customers that’s not what they think.” or maybe “Hold on, my business is not the image you’re painting it.”

If someone in your small business is not guarding the gate I can guarantee the agency will follow their assumptions about your business and it’s customers. You don’t need to be an expert in marketing to closely monitor the direction of your marketing campaigns, after all it’s your dime paying for it. Always Show Up!

And beyond working with a Marketing Agency SMB owners can up their visibility many other ways. Here’s a good post to give you some ideas. Getting Involved In Your Community Check it out.

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