Shadow Wifi Tricks Beachgoers Into Avoiding the Sun

shadow wifi tower on the beach
AdWeek 2015

Cancer Awareness PSA Introduces Shadow WIFI

I’m always amazed at the creative chops that marketers exhibit on a regular basis, there certainly seems to be no ceiling to the clever campaigns they roll out. And I hope they smile at these creative marketing creations as much as I do.

A recent post from Adweek shared how marketing united with public service to produce a campaign to fight cancer with a unique product/service called Shadow WIFI.

“The Peruvian League Against Cancer has built a special tower on the Playa Agua Dulce, which offers wireless internet connectivity—but only to people standing in the tower’s shadow.”

The post talks about the motivation for such an ingenious marketing campaign.

“How do you get beach bums to take a break from the sun? If you’re one nonprofit, by luring them into the shade with free WiFi.”

Organizations from as far away as San Francisco and New Zealand have joined in the novel campaign and will be rolling out a shade tower with WIFI soon. The WIFI can accommodate up to 250 people at a time. And something sure to catch beach-goers attention and help get the point across is that as the sun makes it journey across the daytime sky the shadow cast by the large blue box moves across the beach. The WIFI is attached to a sensor that tracks the suns movement and keeps the signal within the confines of the shadow. If you want to stay connected you have to keep your device and hopefully yourself within the confines of the floating shadow. A very creative marketing campaign to be sure and here at As The Marketing World Turns fully endorses and applauds.

The marketing agency behind Shadow WIFI is Happinees-Brussels, check out more of their work and check out the video below as well the whole post for more info.


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