send a card to a friend day

Send A Card To A Friend Day – February 7th

send a card to a friend day

If ever there was an opportunity for a small business to reach out and connect with customers this day is it. Think about it for a moment, and then ask yourself what value do you put on your relationship with your clients and customers. Are they more than just a dollar bill? Are you grateful for their continued patronage and reviews? Do you wave or stop for a moment if you meet long time customers on the street? How do you answer those questions in a genuine and transparent way?

Of course there are no requirements that you see your customer relationships as anything more than a business interaction, no commandment residing in the business handbook demanding you move beyond the simple relationship of the transaction. No Send A Card To A Friend Day monitor will check a box either you did send a card or you didn’t send a card.

Forget The Holidays

Small business often resorts to bundling a funky calendar with a card during U.S. holidays as a way to say Thank You, but in reality it’s done by third party printers sourced from a mailing list. Does anyone actually believe your Small Business is sending the card/calendar and that you know who they are? And does the business owner really think they’re connecting with their customers?

Forget the holidays and sit down and address a couple of hundred cards at some random time to your best and most memorable customers. Or maybe gather a large group of employees together in a room with pizza and drinks for a card writing-fest to a huge number of customers. Aim for delivery on Send A Card To A Friend Day or a completely random non-holiday.

Bottom line: Marketing is about connecting. The only authentic way to connect is with personal gestures such as Send A Card To A Friend Day – written by hand not machine.

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