Send A Card To A Friend Day – February 7th

If ever there was an opportunity for a small business to reach out and connect with customers this day is it. Think about it for a moment, and then ask yourself what value do you put on your relationship with your clients and customers. Are they more than just a dollar bill? Are you grateful for their continued patronage and reviews? Do you wave or stop for a moment if you meet long time customers on the street? How do you answer those questions in a genuine and transparent way?

Of course there are no requirements that you see your customer relationships as anything more than a business interaction, no commandment residing in the business handbook demanding you move beyond the simple relationship of the transaction. There is no Send A Card To A Friend Day monitor who will check a box on a secret report. No, either you send a card or you don’t send a card. It’s up to you.

Forget The Holidays

Small business often resorts to bundling a funky calendar with a card during U.S. holidays as a way to say Thank You, but in reality it’s done by third party printers sourced from a mailing list. Does anyone actually believe your Small Business is sending the card/calendar and that you know who they are? And does the business owner really think they’re connecting with their customers?

Ask yourself, do the things I do as a small business owner to maintain a relationship with my customers matter to the customers? If you are letting some 3rd party create an automated greeting than the answer is, no.

Forget The Automated Greetings

Forget what you’ve done in the past and sit down to address a couple of hundred cards at some random time. Send the cards to your best and most memorable customers. Or maybe gather a large group of employees together in a room with pizza and drinks for a card writing-fest to a huge number of customers. Aim for delivery on Send A Card To A Friend Day or a completely random non-holiday.


Marketing is about connecting. The only authentic way to meaningfully connect is to engage with your customers through a series of personal gestures such as Send A Card To A Friend Day – written by hand, and not a machine.

If you need more time to create a customer centric marketing time maybe National Random Acts Of Kindness Day on February 17th is the perfect day for your small business to hit the road running.

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