random acts of kindness

National Random Acts Of Kindness Day – February 17th

Random Acts Of Kindness Is An Everyday Thing

Endless Possibilities, it’s the simplest description I can think of when talking to small business owners about Random Acts Of Kindness (Day). I believe you could be in business for 100 years and still find unique ways of interacting with your customers, unique ways tinged with kindness.

Each day we go about our lives and without thinking about it we open doors for others, we ask an employee how their sick loved one is or maybe we direct our assistant to send a small gift to a valuable client. Point is, we do acts of kindness all the time and often those acts are done out of habit.

February 17th is a day to bring the random acts of kindness out of the habit zone and into the light. Mark this day by making your acts of kindness not random but deliberate.

Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Getting involved in your own marketing can at first seem far too complicated an enterprise for you to take on, you may wonder if the time spent working with an agency or working with a freelancer will result in time better spent on your business. An honest answer is that yes it might take away time from other things, but it doesn’t have to. In fact being involved in your marketing campaigns can invigorate not only you but your employees as well.

Time spent in the trenches of your marketing campaigns will put you on the front lines of involvement with both your customers and your employees. Think of it like spending time on an assembly line so you’ll get a first hand refresh of what the heck is going on.

Find out who your clients are, who your your customers are by jumping into the front-lines of your business with involvement in your marketing campaigns. Deliberately find out what the heck is going on at all levels of your business

random acts of kindness

10 (Deliberate) Random Acts of Kindness

It’s not important if your business already does some of these things on the list below, mark this day as a day for doing something extra and out of the ordinary.

  1. Create a Kindness day Food Drive for your local food pantry.
  2. Sit down and write a few notes to customers who you haven’t talked with in a while (mail the notes)
  3. Surprise all your employees by having a coffee service or cater show up at work.
  4. Invite someone to go ahead of you at the grocery store.
  5. Send a coffee cart of a cater to a local fire department or ER dept to acknowledge their good work.
  6. Create a handful of 50% off coupons that you give out when a customer makes a purchase (surprise)
  7. Create a focus group of current customers and surprise them with a catered lunch for taking part.
  8. Invite your parents or favorite college professor for a long weekend all expenses paid and show them your city and your business.
  9. Leave a free car wash coupon on a few dozen random cars.
  10. Sponsor a series of talks at a local Y or community center that trains  people how to meditate, how to eat better and how to enjoy life more.

I started out this post using the words Endless Possibilities, stepping out of our business routines is key to innovation and building a culture of creative employees who are invested in your business and equally important invested in the needs of your customers.

Get involved in your marketing campaigns, after all who knows your business better than you, right?

random acts of kindness

For more info on this Kindness day check out Wikipedia info about the subject and check out the Twitter hashtag #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

Occurring on the 3rd Thursday of January, April, July and October is Get To Know Your Customer Day. 4 days every business owner would benefit greatly by actively jumping in and getting to know their customers. Check out the link above for more info.

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