pizza with the works day

November 12th
National Pizza With The Works Day
(Except Anchovies)

Pizza is one of those products that’s become deeply ingrained in the minds of hundreds of millions (maybe billions) of consumers around the world. In the United States alone there are at least 70,000 pizzerias operating and nearly 65% of those establishments are independently owned. November 12th may host National Pizza With The Works Day (Except Anchovies) but October is the US National Pizza Month.

Pizza is the perfect product to market, in the US alone 93% of the population eats it and it comes in a myriad of shapes, sizes and ingredients. Pizza also rarely lasts beyond the day it’s purchased, which means people will buy it again and again and won’t complain that it stopped working or the batteries ran out or something worse like it caught on fire or was hacked.

  1. Each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year. 
  2. Worldwide sales of pizza are over 5 billion pies sold each year,
    with 3 billion sold in the United States alone.
  3. Mozzarella cheese accounts for nearly 80 percent
  4. 36 percent of all pizza orders want their pizza topping pepperoni. 
  5. Popular United States gourmet toppings are
    chicken, oysters, crayfish, dandelions, sprouts,
    eggplant, cajun shrimp, artichoke hearts, and tuna.

And let’s not forget the wonderful marketing opportunity National Pizza With The Works Day presents to nearly every business owner. Imagine for a moment creating a week long celebration of this savory day. It’s a day that appeals to every age group, every income level and in a recent study 63% of pizza eaten is eaten by women, though in another study men will eat more pizza if a woman is watching – go figure that one.Pizza is equally loved across most if not all demographics.

Point is, the love a pizza is everywhere and small businesses need to integrate pizza into at least one of their marketing campaigns. But, don’t just order a bunch of pizza pies that will sit around and get stale, no, cook the pies at your locations. “But”, I can hear you saying “we are not setup to cook lots of pizza.” Well don’t let that slow down your marketing juices, go out and rent a pizza truck or a set of portable wood fired pizza ovens.

The more inventive and creative your event the greater chance it has of success. If your business offers consultations offer a free consultation over lunch of freshly cooked pizza. And if pizza stains might ruin your merchandise setup a little fenced in cafe in or outside your business with small tables and chairs. You can offer pizza along with onsite daycare for those with children, now think about that one for a second.

Holding a week long event attached to National Pizza With The Works Day is the perfect opportunity to do a bit of coop marketing. Corral one or two other business to help share the costs of the event and do mutual advertising to draw in customers and create buzz. One business can serve the pizza while a 2nd business could go the daycare part of the project and you can easily switch roles halfway through the week so everyone gets to be part of the event and festivities.

Times a wasting, start planning today for next years pizza event. Here’s an example of a business that rents pizza trucks and trailers. Eddies Pizza NY. Check it out to gets some ideas for finding options in your area.

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