National Vichyssoise Day November 18th

Vichyssoise day

French Chef Louis Diat created
Vichyssoise in 1917 at the
Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York City

Cold Soup, now here’s a great opportunity for businesses with a strong cultural or regional slant to create a promotion celebrating National Vichyssoise Day. Restaurants could add it to the menu for one day and promote it, do make sure you let people know it’s served cold… I’d suggest that establishments nearby to a Ritz-Carlton use a bit of humor in an advertisement like:  Opps Looks Like The Ritz-Carlton Forgot Vichyssoise Day, or maybe We’re celebrating National Vichyssoise Day Even If The Ritz-Carlton Forgot. Do make sure they forgot first 🙂

A little ribbing and humor makes for a great ad campaign and playing off something like National Vichyssoise Day is a natural. Another angle might be to use something like: You Don’t Have To Be In New York City To Celebrate National Vichyssoise Day or November 18th Is National Vichyssoise Day, A Day Everyone Loves The French.

“Louis Diat was the chef at the hotel for most of the first half
of the 20th century. In 1950, he recounted to The New Yorker magazine
the potato and leek soup of his childhood, and how he would cool it
off during the summer by pouring in cold milk, which resulted
in a delicious summer soup. He decided to make
something similar for the patrons of the Ritz-Carlton.”
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At the bottom of this post you’ll notice a collage of photos that celebrate Vichyssoise Day on Twitter. The collage is created by Twitter using their embed feature within their category called Moments. Creating a moment around a meme (idea) somehow related to your business is a great way to create a small and easily shareable story and a great collage for future use down the road.




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