national spicy guacamole day

National Spicy Guacamole Day
November 14th

So you have a product you want to remind your customers or entice new customers with, and you want to try something different, create something radical that fills the space with a steady buzz. What you ask yourself or maybe you ask your marketing team can we do? think about the above image of National Spicy Guacamole Day, does it inspire you? I hope it does because creating something along the these lines would not only be brilliant but not all that expensive to bring to fruition. 

First make a list of your top 5 products or services on a sheet of paper and break out the components of each of those products of services. An example could be a 2×4 and the components would be trees, pine, building, homes, houses, construction and safety. Of course your list might be much longer. The goal of the list is to zero in on a main category you can use to create a national day of _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Maybe the growers of avocados saw there was already a day set aside for avocados and wanted to create a day that had more zing to it. In this scenario they got together with growers of onions and hot peppers to merge their resources to create the National Spicy Guacamole Day. And the result is something they can all promote and tag their own products to. Possibly they can do some cooperative marketing to get more bang for the money they’ll spend.

If I was working with you I’d suggest you first create a day in your town or city that fits in with your goals and once that’s done move up to the state level. Now there are lots of ins and outs for a project like this but working together with local or virtual partners will ease the expense and speed up the time it takes. It is not a complicated endeavor and once done it will give you a newly create marketing tool as well as new partners and of course new customers.

Creative marketing doesn’t always require a small business putting huge resources on the line. Small businesses have many advantages in marketing that large corporations can only dream about. Remember the National Spicy Guacamole Day started as a throw-away idea till someone wrote it down and started the train moving to the station.

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