screenwriters day

Nearly 10,000 searches in the U.S. each month are for the word Screenwriter, closely followed by Screenwriter Software (3600), Screenwriter Salary (1600) and Screenwriter Jobs (1000).  These searches show there is a lot of interest in becoming a screenwriter as either a vocation or a random pondering of possible life changes. But no matter the reason, I suspect there will be lots of interest in National Screenwriters Day

The stories told in Films, Videos, TV, and Video Games are most written by screenwriters who have adapted books, articles and doodles on a napkin to a usable script, a script that can be produced and marketed to the general public. A screenwriter is the molder and creator of the stories we love and those we love to hate.

screenwriters day

Celebrating Screenwriters Day fits into the category of celebrating creativity, of celebrating creators. This day gives those who are screenwriters to publicly stand up and shout i’m a screenwriter and I love it. It’s also an opportunity for small businesses to jump on an underutilized bandwagon as a way to market and promote their services and products.

Most small businesses owners and managers have an understanding of how their story can be a compelling and attractive piece to all their marketing campaigns, and if you don’t then it’s time to get on the board the story telling highway. Your customers want to engage with the stories surround not only your business but also the stories surrounding your products and services.

screenwriters day

So what does Screenwriters Day have to do with me, what does it have to do with my products, services and most importantly what does it have to do with my customers?

Celebrating Creativity and Creators acknowledges the debt we owe to those responsible for the stories, products and services we tell and sell to our customers. Screenwriters Day is a bridge to those creators and to creativity overall.

Attaching your marketing to a day like this will up your profile with a group of customers you may not have reached. Screenwriters Day is a great opportunity to connect with other businesses and create a Coop Marketing Extravaganza.

Getting together with other businesses will magnify your marketing power and possibly open future opportunity for joint ventures you’ve not even thought about.

Create An Event

1. Rent out a local art gallery, library or museum for a series of lectures and exhibitions that showcase Creativity and Creators. Have the event run for a week and make it free to the public. If you are daring you can aim to make it a yearly event and because it happens in January you can play-up the new year, new start and realize your dreams aspect that surrounds a new year.

2. Create something creative such as a cafe modeled on the something from Paris in the 1930’s with the waitstaff made of of screenwriters and storytellers that can dazzle the patrons at each table by playing interesting characters.  Serve simple food at a very low cost so everyone can afford to engage with the pop-up cafe. Setup easels and counter where you can showcase artwork, technology and creative ideas that the customers can view while they are eating. Run it for a week.

Of course creating an event that celebrates creativity and creators lends itself to an endless amount of options. you can go wild or keep things spartan, your choice. But remember to make what even you do a story people will talk about for a long time to come.

If Screenwriters Day has piqued your interest in either becoming a screenwriter or just in knowing more a good start is the info at Wikipedia. Click For More.

If you want to explore ideas like this for your small business marketing campaigns send us an email and we’ll happily setup a chat.

screenwriters day

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