National Renewal Day

On May 4th National Renewal Day Blooms Anew

It’s Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere which is ushering in sunny days and green leaves, but even if it’s not spring in your part of the world Renewal Day is a great time to stick a pin in your calendar as a reminder to embrace fresh change.

This is a day abundantly overflowing with opportunity to change something, create something or maybe just rearrange something. Renewal is not limited to something already completed but also lends its power to ideas and dreams one may have been carrying around for a while.

Renewal Day spreads a blank canvas out in front of us, a canvas on which we can reinvent ourselves with vigor and moxie. Renewal Day is a time to wipe away the cobwebs and a time to dust off the nearly forgotten dreams and plans you’ve been holding onto for the perfect moment, that moment is now.

Eating Stale Bread Won’t Get You Anywhere

Growing up I often noticed my neighbors would throw out there stale bread so the birds would have something to eat, after all who among us wants to eat stale bread. And follow the idea of throwing out stale bread let’s use Renewal Day to through out the ideas and habits in our lives that are stale and gnawing at us for a change.

Here is an opportunity to throw out both small and big things that are preventing us from thinking and embracing fresh and innovative ideas and projects. And while you could throw out old appliances, books and even old social profiles I think there are more energetic avenues you may want to travel on Renewal Day.

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Our good friends over at define tthe meaning of today’s word as:




1. the act of renewing or state of being renewed
2. something that is renewed

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