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Maple Syrup Day ranks as one of the easiest national day to hook onto to promote your small business. And it comes along at the perfect time of year both the weather and the holidays (for those who celebrate the Dec dates) are rolling forward together. There is a brisk and festive air surrounding most cities and towns in North and South America.

I suggest holding a Sugar on Snow luncheon for all your customers (RSVP Required) and their friends. 

  1. Luncheon Hosting:  Host the luncheon with that is built around an atmosphere for kids and kids at heart, make it fun. Encouraging your customers to bring their children is a win for you and a win for the parents. And how may sugar on snow events will parents get to take their children to while they are young?  Answer: Very Few

  2. Connect with a local museum or library (great idea) that has a good size hall and offer to pay them for it’s use but also include them in the planning and execution of the event. They can offer volunteers to help out and save you from spending lots of cash hiring a catering hall. Besides it good to get kids interested in Libraries and Museums.

Sugar On Snow is easily made and served with just a bit of planning ahead. The great folks at Cabot Cheese in New England have created a nice informative recipe page for creating Sugar On Snow for your customers, friends and family. Check It Out. And of course it includes Vermont products but any good syrup will be fine for the Maple Syrup Day celebration.

Here is a video about a sugar on snow celebration at the University of Vermont along with information about maple research happening in Vt. I’m biased about Vermont Maple Syrup since I’m from there, but any real maple syrup will make your customer event for Maple Syrup Day a sure hit.

28th Annual Sugar on Snow Celebration


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