national freethought day

National Freethought Day surely is a day, an idea that everyone supports, right? Turns out there are a myriad of different ways to define Freethought and most of them aren’t very free at all. And while thoughts are creations in out mind we have fought wars to prove which thoughts are right and which thoughts are wrong. Over human history we’ve enslaved people who have thoughts different than us and we’ve often tortured those same people for their different thoughts.

It’s obvious when you think about it, most people won’t support a day like National Freethought Day unless it celebrates their ideas, not yours or mine. And for this reason I’d advise small business owners to not celebrate the day but to mourn its lack of acceptance by closing your business for the day. It’s a day to mourn the intolerance that is rampant across the globe. Keep your lights off for the day…

Of course you can celebrate the concept of Freethought by reminding people that National Freethought Day is on Oct 12th, which was the effective end the Salem Witch Trials. (1692) marked the year of killing people for being witches in the U.S. But over 300 years since that year we’ve still been unable to learn respect for those who think differently than ourselves.

It would be funny if not so tragic that humans have a burning need to impose their way of thinking on other humans. A bit like two year olds fighting over a toy while they sit in the middle of a clutter of other toys. What do you think? Are there ways to expand the number of people who respect the thinking of others or at the very least respect the right for others to think differently form themselves?

Without a robust diversity different thoughts we would all live in a sterile vanilla flavored world all walking here and there with a deeply vacant stare on our faces.



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