national ferris wheel day

It’s National Ferris Wheel Day – February 14th

When February 14th and National Ferris Wheel Day shows up the calendar in my part of the world the ground is covered in snow and temperatures are frigid. But cold as it is, I still love the idea of a day set aside to celebrate the Ferris Wheel. It’s a day for celebrating fun and whimsy and a perfect day to use as a bookend for a creative marketing campaign.

National Ferris Wheel Day

The Ferris Wheel was created in 1893 by George Ferris for the World’s Fair in Chicago, as readers of “Devil in the White City” know.

“On June 21 in 1893, that was actually the first time that the public got to ride the Ferris Wheel,”
Field Museum spokeswoman Emily Waldren

Example Of The 1893 Ferris Wheel

Ideas can morph into some pretty amazing marketing campaigns. spend a little time visiting the links in this post to see how you might spark your imagination and create a real original marketing campaign using National Ferris Wheel Day as your small business catalyst.

Buy a block of tickets to a fairground or amusement park
Even  if you are in a cold zone your business can purchase passes to pass out to your best customers to nearby amusement parks for when the weather get s warm. Invite people to visit your stores or website to sign up for a raffle of tickets. And plaster Ferris Wheel posters for 2 weeks before the raffle.
Create a display of Ferris Wheels from around the world.
Highlight the technology and engineering along with the fun aspects of riding a Ferris Wheel.
Contact museums and artists to help your business contract with owners of Ferris Wheel models and artwork. Once you locate the owners see if they will lead you the items for a National Ferris Wheel Day exhibitions.
If you don’t have room for an exhibition talk with local libraries or lodges about utilizing there space for a week long exhibition.
Hold a Ferris Wheel centered big bake.
Bake Ferris Wheel cakes, cupcakes and pies and donate them to local charities and other good causes. Advertise using pictures and drawings of Ferris Wheels and proclaim the joy of riding them.
Create a contest: First prize is a trip to a some well known Ferris Wheels in the world.
  1.  The Seattle Great Wheel
  2. Tokyo Big-O  
  3. Carrousels in Paris
    Until 2018 there was a grand Ferris Wheel in Paris but alas, it was taken down. But there are dozens of historic carrousels that go round and round 🙂
  4. The Bohai Eye China

  5. The Dubai Eye


There are really no limits to what event you can tie your small business to, but I will suggest you do things your competition is not doing. Create 3 or 4 bit marketing campaigns that each. take up at least a couple of weeks. A new campaign every quarter of the year fills the calendar up nicely.

Remember, be unorthodox and creative. Everyone advertises on Presidents Day and the Fourth of July.. Find unique days and events to celebrate that no one near you is promoting. And once you’ve adopted a day like National Ferris Wheel Day, rinse and repeat for a few years and then move on to new days.

If you are struggling to find a day for a new small business marketing campaign and #NationalFerrisWheelDay does quite fit with your business check out National Day of Unplugging, it takes place in early March.

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