National Dog Day – August 26

national dog day


Having trouble coming up with a day to attach your business to? Offhand I can’t think of a better day than National Dog Day for a business to connect to for a flash (guerrilla marketing) marketing campaign.

People love pets and dogs are still the number one companion animal people bring home to love and care for. It doesn’t matter if you sell products for dogs, National Dog Day is a family celebration that recognizes millions of important family members (Dogs).

1. Invite customers to bring their dogs into the store to pose for a picture and get a discount coupon on a future purchase. Post each picture over the following week on your FB page. The pictures will get tons of shares and likes on FB and give your followers and customers a warm feeling.

2.  Team up with a Dog Groomer and offer each person who shows up with their dog a discount coupon that can be used with the Dog Groomer. And make sure you take pictures of the customer and their dogs when they come in so you can post to Instagram etc for lots of social love.

3. Team up with a couple of reputable pet sitters who can setup a small area where they’ll answer questions and handout information during business hours. And remember to take pictures¬† that you can post to social media.

4. Invite a local shelter to setup a table at your business for the days you are going to feature #NationalDogDay as part of your Flash Marketing campaign. The shelter can handout information as well as answer questions. Again, don’t forget to take pictures and take names.

When you team up with another small business for National Dog Day remember to offer the Dog Groomer or Pet Sitter money for their time or some type of product or service discount, this will help solidify long term networking with them.

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