National Day Of Unplugging – March 3-4

“We are perishing for want of wonder,
not for want of wonders.”

C K Chesterton

#Nationaldayofunplugging A few people use this day of unplugging to remind the rest of us that there is a world beyond the tiny constraints of our glass screens. A few people use this day of unplugging to point us in he direction of an infinite universe, a vast space of untold stories waiting to be birthed. And a few brave souls use this day of unplugging to offer their visions full of creative and innovative possibilities for all of us to see.

There are wonders to be seen, heard and touched in untold numbers, wonders waiting to be found. There are wonders cascading from the endless falls of imagination, waiting to be discovered and experienced with all our senses. There are wonders continually blossoming forth extraordinary pedals laced with the magical pollen called opportunity. These wonder wait and wait for us to drop our distractions, if only for a moment.

Integrate This Day Into Your Marketing

The obvious benefits to connecting your marketing to a day such as this almost make it unnecessary to write about them, don’t you think? If a group of marketers sat down to create a day which you could attach your business to this would be that creation.

The National Day Of Unplugging is tailored made for encouraging your customers to visit your place of business. If your business is only online have a sale preceding this day of unplugging and create a big campaign welcoming people back from their day off from being plugged in and beholden to tech.

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