National Compliment Day January 24th

compliment day

“Everybody likes a compliment”

Abraham Lincoln

More than anything National Compliment Day is a reminder of the power a simple compliment possess. Each time we share a “way to go” or a simple “good job” with a colleague, employee or customer we are helping to create a culture where the accomplishments of others are acknowledged for all to hear. The verbal compliment tells another person you respect and value them.

National Compliment Day also reminds us how important compliments are each and everyday and not only once a year. Are we so caught up in our own heads that we need to be told how important a compliment is? I sure hope not.

And of course compliments are important in the day to day grind of running your business, both in one to one situations and in broader arenas where your marketing campaign is representing and communicating with customers.

Always making a strong point to build a strong foundation in all your products and service that pivot on customer appreciation builds customer loyalty and reciprocity. Customers know when you care about delivering to them good products and services and when you don’t.

Do your customers service reps actually listen to the customer or do they follow a script? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve interacted with a customers service rep who seems to listen, but immediately after I’ve finished explaining my problem they start reading from a check list. Wow I think, this company has no regard for me as a customer and the proof of this is they’ve connected me with a person who has no expertise in the problem area, they’ve connected me with a traffic manager and not a troubleshooter. More often than not they tell me they’ve opened a case file and will send it on to the next level by email, I’ll later hear that the problem is fixed or not fixed with no explanation. At that point I’m teetering between relief that it’s fixed and angst that once again I’ve been devalued.


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