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I’m sure there isn’t a business that can’t connect to National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, and easily create a robust ROI. In fact it’s such an easy connection to make that if you can’t you should think of quitting what you’re doing. Think about it, what business can’t connect to Chocolate Covered?

Lawyers, Doctors and surely Candlestick Makers can tie their marketing into a day like this, imagination not needed. Mechanics, Fashion Designers, Accountants, Veterinarians and Gallery Owners could easily go chocolate covered bananas over the myriad of sweet opportunities presenting themselves. Welders, Plumbers, Bakers and Bathtub Makers should be falling all over themselves with ideas on how to dip their products and services together with chocolate.

I’ve found quite a few examples of Chocolate Covered ideas online and will over the next week share a few of them in video and text that I hope will help you see how being open to curious thinking can create new and exciting avenues for you and your marketing team to travel down.



Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.

Sagres is Portugal’s leading beer brand. This year, Sagres brewed a new product: Sagres Preta Chocolate, a chocolate flavored stout beer.

Without a TV campaign and very few print materials, Sagres challenged their digital agency to create an online activation for their new product. Using the website as the main promotional tool, Sagres needed to generate a lot of buzz with a new approach.

Given this challenge, the agency’s creative team believed that if Sagres made a chocolate beer, the perfect way to launch it was also to create a website made of chocolate.

This said, the first step was to find and hire the best Maître Chocolatier in Portugal. Mr. Victor Nunes, artistic director of Óbidos International Chocolate Festival, started sculpting the website live at this year’s venue. Later on, his artisan sculptor team finished it at their chocolate factory. The artists sculpted the entire website in chocolate pieces, moulding it according to the design provided by the agency.

Afterwards, at the agency’s studio, the chocolate frame and all the website components were shot in the different positions and stages.

These images became the raw materials for the website.

To invite consumers to try the new product, Sagres offered a piece of the chocolate website and a 6Pack of Sagres Preta Chocolate. Every day, during a specific hour, users can ask for a bite of the website.

Unfortunately the finished website is no longer available but you can visit the corporate website from the link below.

Credits to:
Agency. Grand Union Portugal
Creative Direction – Alexandre Rodrigues
Art Direction / Design / 3D – Diografic
Video Production – Manuel Garcia
Copy / Creative – Rui Costa
Flash Development – Francisco Contel Martins
Marketing Consultant – Maria Midões





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