national authors day

Writers often live to write or write to live, how they view it is up to them. I don’t pretend to know how most writers think, but I do know most writers write to be read, and not to stuff their creations into a sock drawer never to be enjoyed, criticized or loved. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about Authors (writers) is that what they do is not work and therefore not all that valuable. If you think that, or know someone who thinks that way I invite you to try writing. Try writing not just a journal or a blog but try writing a story, an article, a poem. Try writing that pays the bills, feeds your children. Try writing that is honest and write what you know and see if anyone will read it. I’m not throwing out a dare to see if you have courage or talent, no what I’m suggesting is for you to try thinking a bit differently. Nothing special, just differently.

So on this National Authors Day I’m suggesting to all small business owners to hire a writer that will sit down with you and spend a few hours listening to you talk about your business and its history. Hire a writer on this National Authors Day that has experience in interviewing and storytelling to take your story and create a 1,500 to 2000 word story painting a never before seen piece about you and your business.

Once the story is written put it on your website and print it off, staple the pages together. Handout the story to your customers. Use the story as part of your marketing campaign over the next year.

Celebrate National Authors Day by hiring a writer to paint your story in words. Maybe hire an out of work journalist or underappreciated local writing teacher, pay them what they ask, don’t argue.


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