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Everyone finds themselves short of time seemingly on a regular basis, we run from here to there and without really getting to our ultimate destination we keep running. Does anyone really know what time it is?

Mindfulness practice is not only something that will improve productivity in the workplace and the home it also strengthens relationships and family and something you don’t often hear in the media hub-bub of promoting ROI benefits of mindfulness is that we’ll also feel calmer and happier.

There are easily hundreds of businesses selling products and services that could connect with the trend sweeping the world called mindfulness practice. Businesses connecting to this growing movement will not only build upon their emotional connections with their customers they’ll also gain ground on the bottom line. 

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10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the simplest practices to learn yet most of us find it hard to set aside 30 minutes each day to practice. Well, here are 10 alternatives to augment your practice when your plate is full and you don't have time and meditate.

We are involved with multiple things each day that surprisingly can be perfect opportunities to practice mindfulness. When you are engaged in a project that lasts 2 minutes or longer try paying extra attention to the steps you carry out in completing your task.

When it comes to a mindfulness practice allow yourself flexibility, and the more you practice the more you'll gravitate toward practicing. Try sitting still and doing a simple meditation for 5 or 6 minutes each day and add more minutes when you feel free to do so. Instead of forcing yourself to sit for long stretches use some of the ideas in this list for your practice.

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Washing Dishes

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Washing Dishes

Focus and attention are at the heart of learning mindfulness and washing dishes is a perfect opportunity to practice becoming more mindful while doing something that seems mindless.

When washing dishes mindfully remember to breathe and focus on what you are doing. Watch as you rotate a soppy sponge around the face of the dishes, pots and pans and watch the water come crashing down upon each item as you rinse them.

If thoughts occur (they will) refocus on what's in the sink and what your hands are doing, no need to label your thought good or bad just gently being your attention back to the washing of the dishes and repeat.


In Your Car

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | In Your Car

Becoming mindful of your actions and surroundings is something we all do when we get into a car, we could be driving or maybe we're a passenger, but once in a car we tune our minds and senses to what's going on. Mindfulness practice while in a car takes our focus and awareness up a couple of notches and makes the ride more purposeful.

Leave your radio in the off position and maybe turn off your cellphone for the duration of your trip. Focus on your actions of steering, braking and of course all the cars around you. Ask yourself, isn't this a magical moment where I'm speeding down the road to a new place relative to where I just was. Remember to Breathe.


Outside In A Park

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Outside In A Park

Being outside and especially being outside and aware of nature is not only magical and refreshing it's the perfect setting to practice mindfulness. The tress, bushes, flowers and of course the wild life darting in and out of their hiding places.

Breathe deeply and walk with a deep mindfulness of focus being aware of not only what's right in front of you but also being aware of your body movements. Your thoughts will stream in and out of your conscious awareness like leafs floating on top of a stream, allow them to move freely without commenting on them to yourself. Let your thought flow while you awareness becomes part of the nature around you.


Journal Writing

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Journal Writing

Journal Writing can be a hugely enjoyable and productive mindfulness practice one you get the hang of it. What's the secret? The secret to successful journal writing is to write everyday rain or shine. Set a goal of say 10 minutes each day and start writing. In the beginning you may find yourself blocked, write about that. Write about the weather, what you had for dinner last night, the people who walked by your window, what you write about will in time become easier and clearer but in the beginning just write and don't stop for the full time you've set.

I'm serious about writing about anything, the focused writing is the practice and given some time your imagination and mind will catch up with your hand. Oh, I forgot to mention write in a notebook with a pen or pencil not on a tablet, computer or a cellphone. The connection is developed much stronger by having a physical connection to what you write.. And lastly, don't erase and rewrite because your grammar sucks or something is misspelled.

The journals are only for you to see. I hope you'll keep them for a while and thumb through them in months down the road, if you must destroy them try waiting a week and if you still must make a small ceremony out of it such as a small fire (Outdoor of course) Bring your awareness to this part of your mindfulness practice as well.



10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Waiting

Waiting, now there's a word that we are all familiar with. Right? You'd almost think that in this the 2st century with daily introductions of new technology it would be a word long ago erased from the dictionary. but surprise, it seems that waiting is popping up more and more each day.

We can use the overwhelming nature of waiting to expand and enhance our mindfulness practice, it's almost like they are made for each other? Don't you think?

Waiting ina ticket line, sitting at the doctors office or maybe waiting for that fresh cup of coffee in the early morning, you're waiting. You can transform that time out of frustration and into a mindfulness practice. Think about it.



10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Gardening

For centuries people have flocked to gardening as a way to get some relaxation time in their lives, but using it s an active mindfulness practice has been rare. Think about all the opportunity to focus and give your attention to the intricacies of gardening, Watch each movement as you move dirt, plants and tools to great your work of art. And remember to breathe.


On Your Bicycle

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | On Your Bicycle

I use to ride my road bike for hours at a time and one of the best ways I found to be mindful was to be aware of how I was pedaling. I'd make sure my feet were level with the ground at all times and each time one foot reached the bottom the pedal motion I'd lift with that foot as it came back up and I'd continue to mindfully repeat. What I was doing was using my pedal motion instead of watching my breath as in traditional meditation. It also made me a better rider as well, so lots gravy while riding.


Looking In A Missor

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Looking In A Missor

If there is one activity that's bound to send a cascase of thoughts directly at you it's gotta be looking in the mirror, conversely it's the perfect challenge to test your mindfulness practice.

When first looking in the mirror try talking to yourself out loud, try responding to your stream of thoughts with nonjudgmental states. Your statements will help ease you into a probing look at your construct of self. Ask, is that me I see in the mirror? Or ask, who is that I see in the mirror? Have some fun while you keep trying to dig deeper into your thought stream. Once you've done the talking practice for a while bring your focus to your breath while you watch the image in the mirror.


While Hiking

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | While Hiking

Hiking lends itself to a spiritual level of mindfulness and I don't say that lightly. For me climbing a steep hill or mountain deep within the forest is a wonderful communication that can't be put into words, But the experience becomes transcendent when I become attentive to my journeys current reality, it's magical, spiritual and transcendent all rolled up in a breath.


Change Your Icons

10 Unusual Places To Master Mindfulness | Change Your Icons

The key to this idea is merging of mindfulness practice with active change. As part of your mindfulness practice change and rearrange things in your life frequently. Move furniture, pictures on the walls and the routes you walk on a regular basis. The simple act of mindfully doing things different is a great practice that will deepen your mindfulness. Embracing active change is embracing impeccability in your life.

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