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National Coffee Day may be the best opportunity for your business to connect with a very popular day that you can use as a tool to promote your business. There are more opportunities to tap into the worlds great love for coffee than the number of drops that dropped into your morning cup of Joe.

Coffee consumption is led by Finland with nearly 22 pounds per person purchased down to the United Kingdom coming in with a 4 pounds per person purchased. The United States has a per person purchase rate of 8 pounds. But these number represents the purchase of whole and ground beans and not the huge amount of coffee consumed that’s already brewed, which is huge.

So with all this coffee being brewed at home and in specialty coffee establishments it’s no wonder there are a number of different days like National Coffee Day that celebrate the deep dark roasted goodness of coffee.

Brew A Cup Of Coffee For Your Customers

Maybe the easiest way to draw in new customers is to rent a brightly colored coffee cart tha tyou can setup either inside or outside your business. Along with the cart hire someone who has  experience as a barista. If you don’t know a barista call around to local coffee shops and offer to let them in on the event with

1. Connect with a local coffee shop and ask them to join you in your marketing event. One setup could be hanging a huge sign on your coffee cart crediting the local coffee shop with supplying the beans and the barista. That should work for well for both businesses. Of course you pay the barista and the coffee shop donates the beans. Give the coffee away for free.

Time Frame: Serve for at least 3 days in the middle of the week.

Advertise: Run your campaign a couple of weeks prior to the event on local radio and newspapers and on your FB and Twitter social media channels. And ask for names and email so people can get your notices of future events.

2. If your business doesn’t have lots of walk-in traffic such as lawyers or chiropractors you might want to set up a coupon giveaway. Again, connect with a local coffee shop that you will direct your customers to with the coupons. A joint deal like this should get you a price break from the shop and allow you to offer more value with your coupons.

Time Frame: Run the coupons giveaway for a couple of weeks.

Advertise: Same as above. Also remember to ask for a name and email address to get the coupons.

coffee consumption

Coffee Purchased By County From An Infographic
By Hamilton Beach Company  Pouring In Your Cup

National Coffee Day opens a treasure chest of opportunities for you to engage with your customers on many different levels. Make this day one of the 3 or 4 week long marketing events you do each year. And don’t forget, make it fun for everyone involved.


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