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Check you local rules and laws before you serve your customers a frosty cold mug of beer or give them a gift certificate to a local pub.

It’s a fact, most people love beer, some drink it once or twice a year while others drink it at least a few times a week. Beer is big business and a crowd favorite at sports events, concerts, weddings, graduations, road races and the list foes on and on. People like the varied tastes of beers and of course they like the social aspect that beer brings about when people celebrate with a mug of their favorite beer.

If you love beer and want to celebrate National Drink Beer Day with your customers create a promotion that celebrates the day. of course part of the promotion should remind people to drink responsibly.

You might ask, how can your business attach itself to National Drink Beer Day without opening yourself up to a run in with the law? Well I’ve got a couple of ideas for you.

1. Contact a couple of local home brewing experts and create a 2 or 3 presentation events on how to make your own beer. Make the event open to the public for free, but require that they signup in advance so you don’t get overwhelmed by the crowd.

2.  Offer tickets to a local beer tasting to the first (define the number) of customers who are of legal drinking age. Require they stop in and register for a presentation about your business products of services. Of course check IDs

3. Have a free giveaway of pamphlets about understanding the differences between beers of the world etc. The pamphlet can be about many different things, just remember to have plenty and have sponsored by your business on the front and back of the pamphlet.

4. Create a Beer Garden at your business that serves only non-alcoholic beers honoring National Drink Beer Day. Have lots of different brands available for people to try. You may be able to get local distributors to give you a break on the price and show up with signs and people who can talk about the great taste of non-alcoholic beers. I would make sure anyone under 18 needs to have a parent with them before they taste even a non-alcoholic beer, some parents may object, so be conscientious about it.

The world’s biggest beer drinkers

  1. Czech Republic – 143.3 litres per capita
  2. Namibia – 108
  3. Austria – 106
  4. Germany – 104.2
  5. Poland – 100.8
  6. Ireland – 98.2
  7. Romania – 94.1
  8. Seychelles – 90
  9. Estonia – 89.5
  10. Lithuania – 88.7
  11. Belize – 85
  12. Spain – 84.8
  13. Slovenia – 80.3
  14. Slovakia – 80.1
  15. Croatia – 78.7
  16. Gabon – 77.8
  17. Finland – 76.9
  18. Bulgaria – 76.3
  19. Panama – 75
  20. Iceland – 75

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