do a grouch a favor day

Do A Grouch A Favor Day – February 16th

We all know a few people who Do A Grouch A Favor Day may brighten their day. But what if a small business celebrated the day with a discount of say 10 or 15% off anything in the shop if for anyone bring a grouch along with them when they visit.

You can create a whole marketing campaign around Do A Grouch A Favor Day that makes grouches smile and those who love grouches get rewarded with a discount.

it’s a simple day to celebrate for 2 or 3 days with lots of smiles and well wishes. Model your campaign on a Popup Event

5 Marketing Campaign Ideas

  1.  Offer a 10% or 15% discount to the person who brings in a grouch.
  2.  Give matching T-shirts away to the first 10 couples who come in. (one grouch required)
  3. Offer a free blood pressure screening to any grouch who comes in.
  4. Sponsor a traveling puppet show to local schools that features a story about a grouch.
  5. Setup a dunking-booth and give prizes to those who dunk a grouch (all in fun – of course)  Maybe have some grouches from the business volunteer to be the dunking grouch.

Do A Grouch A Favor Day is the perfect day to do a short marketing event. Every campaign run by small businesses doesn’t need to be a couple of weeks or longer in duration, sometimes the swooping in with a brief event that surprises your customers will turn out to be a terrific success.

Remember to spend time promoting your pop up campaign and if possible include other small businesses in your campaign as a way of making it bigger and more successful. Co-op Marketing Campaigns are a great way to spread the word locally and on social media.

Need an idea with a bit more lead time? March 16th is #NationalFreedomOfInformationDay and a great day to promote and utilize in a marketing campaign.

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