distract and amuse

Yesterday while walking around the perimeter of the local public golf course I was struck by the dichotomy of playing golf within an area surrounded by a neatly built stone wall, and the outside world we all inhabit. The reality within the golf course was created within thoughts and plans constructed, ordered and focused while the world outside the stone walls is built upon a growing cacophony of distractions and amusements. 

Like most thing the golf course was created to distract and amuse, and at the same time focus and meditate our daily thoughts and emotions.

“Once Art Served To Educate And Edify, Now It Distracts And Amuses”
James Rozoff

This is not a Chicken Little moment but instead it’s a moment to slow ourselves long enough to catch our breaths and inquire about how our creativity is affected by the current climate of distract and amuse.

Fro a moment sit with this question, how does it feel to live in a constant state of distraction? How does it feel? And while it’s a simple question you may find it somewhat difficult to crystallize a clear answer in your mind.

It may feel tedious and boring

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