curious events day

If you’re curious about Curious Events Day and maybe quite possibly have questions about why someone would go to all the trouble of creating a day to celebrate the curious things that happen all around us. And also wonder how a small business owner might use this day to engage with your customers on a deeper level and maybe even gain some new customers, than you’ve stumbled on upon a treasure chest of answers.

People are #Curious about not only the weird and wacky things they hear about while going about their daily lives, but people are curious about events they’ve experienced in their own lives. And Curious Events Day lends itself to an unlimited number of connections between your business and the things that grab the interest and spark the curiosity of your customers.

Search engines figures show that on an average day over 60,000 requests are made for “Curious.” Your customers are wondering about the word curious because they are curious, they want to know more, feel more and maybe even eat more new, interesting and challenging products and services. Your customers are already primed to engage with you and your business when you hold a Curious Events Day.

Create A Local Event

Create an event where people come and present their fantastic experiences on Curious Events Day. Maybe combine forces with a one or two other businesses and rent a hall for the event. After you’ve got a place create a way for storytellers to register beforehand.

One thing to consider is who will be allowed into the this event, will it be for adults only or will children be allowed in. The age of attendance will give you a guideline about what type of curious event stories will be featured and what ones will be diverted for another time.

Make this an annual event that grows and expands each year by inviting people from further distances to participate. It can become a bit like a UFO convention but with broader topics and speakers.

You may be thinking the above event seems to have nothing to do with your business, but you’d be wrong. What you and those business owners you team-up with to create a venue for Curious Events Day are sponsoring is a unique event open to the whole community. A successful event such as this will go a long ways in promoting your business in people minds for a very lone time.

Stepping outside of convention to promote your business can be a tremendous opportunity for success. There are however 3 areas I’d suggest you stay away from. The first is politics followed by sex and lastly avoid gruesome violence. Create an event that is open to families with children or at least older children, the event should be open to as many as possible.

Use common sense and you’ll create an ongoing event that people will look forward to every year and an event you’ll be proud to have your business be a founding sponsor.

Check out Meowing and Biting Nuns (Middle Ages) and other curious events for ideas and if you have questions send me a note on my contact page. Good Luck!

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