Celebrate Greenpeace Day September 15

greenpeace day


Is Your Business Actively Helping To Protect The Environment?

Some businesses actively have their hands and resources in protecting the environment yet fail to use that as a tool for marketing their products and services. And there are many businesses that could contribute resources to helping maintain lands and waters from further erosion yet don’t realize the upside to being seen as an active environmental advocate.

I’m not suggesting you jump into the muddy political waters if that is not your thing, what I’m suggesting is using some of your marketing resources and energy to sponsor local parks, nature trails, river walks and clean water projects. Everyone loves clean water and nature, right?

Protecting the expanding nature is a no-brainer when it comes to great customers relations and the huge benefits that will accrue to the coming generations in your community.



Greenpeace was founded on September 15, 1971, when 17 activists set sail on the Phyllis Cormack in hopes of stopping the nuclear testing about to take place off the shores of Alaska. While the testing proceeded, the protest set in motion a movement still growing today.  In honor of Greenpeace, Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson proclaimed Greenpeace Day in 2011.







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