Buffalo Latte Will Give You An Extra Kick

Buffalo Latte

In my last post I wrote about how creativity is connecting ideas or objects that would not traditionally seem to go together and in the process creating something that is often recognized as innovative. Well hold the phone, because the fine folks at Tim Horton’s have rolled out a new creation made up of two truly disparate items. And to knock your socks off with even more speed they’re introducing their new Buffalo Latte in (of course) Buffalo New York, the gimmicks just keep coming.

With the risk of sounding quite crumugenly in mind I gotta say, this new Buffalo Latte is neither all that creative nor even close to being innovative. Yet it may be a hit with fans of coffee and buffalo wings and on a marketing scale it probably ranks as a minor hit, but a hit none the less.

Every small business can learn a lesson from Tim Horton’s new Buffalo Latte. Getting your business noticed can as easily be about creating a stunt or creating some noise, as being innovative. Stunts and noise are good for marketing. Of course don’t rely entirely on making noise: it won’t give you that permanent ROI bump that being innovative will.

We can’t go around a corner without seeing some fast food chain rolling out their buffalo sauce either as a side or placed directly in the ingredients. It’s possible that buffalo sauce is even more popular (at least on the menus) than Sriracha, but that’s only a guess.

Over at Vice.com they spent a fun day tasting and comparing some of the many packets of Buffalo Sauce available and I thought I’d share it with you. A Definitive Ranking of America’s Fast-Food Buffalo Sauces Enjoy!

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