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Australian Flying Burritos With a Little Help From Google

Australian Flying Burritos

    Creativity is all about making connections that don’t seem obvious and Google’s plunge down under in Australia that creates a marriage of burritos and Drones fits the creative category. At least I think it does. Certainly from the marketing and advertising side of the field being first in the game with Australian Flying…

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Hooray! It’s National Cheeseburger Day September 18

national cheeseburger day

There is no doubt that someone was the first to put cheese on a hamburger resulting in the first Cheeseburger. Who did it and when they did it is not known, though some stories say it was in Chicago in the 1920’s and the name “cheeseburger” was awarded a trademark in 1935 to Louis Ballast…

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Celebrate Greenpeace Day September 15

greenpeace day

Is Your Business Actively Helping To Protect The Environment? Some businesses actively have their hands and resources in protecting the environment yet fail to use that as a tool for marketing their products and services. And there are many businesses that could contribute resources to helping maintain lands and waters from further erosion yet don’t…

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National Doughnut Day Or National Donut Day

national doughnut day

You can spell it Doughnut or you can spell it Donut, it really doesn’t matter. When you’re eating a doughnut it’s the freshness and taste that matters, not how it’s spelled. The first Friday in June is always National Doughnut Day. Check out these timely posts Have Donut Holes Gotten Smaller? and The History of…

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Curiosity In Marketing Creates Mindshare

curiosity in marketing

Don’t Neglect The Value Of Inserting Insatiable Curiosity In Marketing Campaigns I think simplicity is the key to grabbing customer attention, but in the quest for simplicity don’t forget to pair it with curiosity in marketing campaigns. The how we grab their attention is best accomplished by engaging the customer’s natural curiosity. Think of Who,…

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