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Send A Card To A Friend Day – February 7th

send a card to a friend day

If ever there was an opportunity for a small business to reach out and connect with customers this day is it. Think about it for a moment, and then ask yourself what value do you put on your relationship with your clients and customers. Are they more than just a dollar bill? Are you grateful…

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Expecting Technology To Fill the Gap

Expecting Tecnology

Expecting Technology to fill the gap is a bit like repeatedly smashing your skull into a door to get to the other side. The door may be an illusion and the pain we feel with each bang a creation of our mind, but the provisional reality tells us this action will certainly cause brain injury…

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To Show Up Or Not To Show Up – That’s The Question

show up

A few decades ago I came across a book titled Do It! (let’s get off our buts) written by Peter McWilliams. Right from the beginning I loved the book and bought a few extra copies, copies which I gave to a few friends I thought might find them useful (they didn’t). Each of us has…

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Do We Need To Distract And Amuse Endlessly?

distract and amuse

Yesterday while walking around the perimeter of the local public golf course I was struck at the dichotomy of playing golf within an area surrounded by a neatly built stone wall, and the outside world we all inhabit. The reality within the golf course was created within thoughts and plans constructed ordered and focused while…

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Ignite Your Marketing With Story-Telling

ignite your marketing

The small business owner nearly fell out of the chair as she scanned the latest marketing invoice handed to her from the account manager.”This is an estimate for a year, correct?” she asked, the account manger lowered his gaze and said, “no it’s for the last 3 months.” If you’re like most small business owners…

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Buffalo Latte Will Give You An Extra Kick

buffalo latte

In my last post I wrote about how creativity is connecting ideas or objects that would not traditionally seem to go together and in the process creating something that is often recognized as innovative. Well hold the phone, because the fine folks at Tim Horton’s have rolled out a new creation made up of two…

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Australian Flying Burritos With a Little Help From Google

Australian Flying Burritos

    Creativity is all about making connections, connections far afield of the obvious. Google’s plunge down under in Australia creates a marriage of burritos and Drones hits the creative category, at least a little. At least I think it does. Certainly from the marketing and advertising side of the field being first in the…

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