Australian Flying Burritos

Australian Flying Burritos With a Little Help From Google

Australian Flying Burritos



Creativity is all about making connections, connections far afield of the obvious. Google’s plunge down under in Australia creates a marriage of burritos and Drones hits the creative category, at least a little. At least I think it does. Certainly from the marketing and advertising side of the field being first in the game with Australian Flying Burritos is pretty darn creative if not all that innovative.

But. and this is one big but that resides in the not too distant future. How will Google deal with the enviable uproar about the noise and distractions that will occur? think about it, little buzzing contraptions zigging and zagging above the trees. Oh sure it won’t be that big of deal in the beginning, but here I need to invoke “leaf blower” as a way to inject some sobriety into the coming conversation.

Do we really want our skies and our ears filled with whirring beasts masquerading as the next tech marvel? Are we willing to give up what little peace that now surrounds our homes and business so that we can get a hot burrito in 15 minutes? Surely a question worth spending some time with.

Creatively promoting your products and services is what we are hoping more businesses engage in, not only to jack up the ROI but to also to make the world a little better and mostly to benefit your customers. After all is said and done aren’t services like Australian Flying Burritos doing just that?

If we as small business owners can tap into our native creativity that leads to a meaningful connection with our current and future customers than not even the sky is the limit. The only caveat: think about the ramifications that will enviably occur in the long term.



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