absurdity day

“If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”

Albert Einstein

Absurdity Day is a wonderful opportunity to shake up your business marketing map resulting in a good cleaning out of the cobwebs of resistance that you cling to with white knuckle intensity. Everyone holds onto their ideas thinking they point in the direction of success and recognition, but as Einstein notes in the above quote, if we don’t start from the absurd nothing new will be revealed.

So drag your marketing team into a room with no distractions of any kind and let them know you want a pile of original and dynamic ideas before the end of the day. It may be a good idea to hand each of them a sheet of paper with the Einstein quote in bold type printed on it. And remember no distractions allowed; no phones, no TV and only one tablet or laptop for the team to share for research. Make this about brain power creativity. It’s Absurdity Day for crying out loud. (any day can be Absurdity Day if you’re the boss)

This is another great day to tie your business to. Restaurants can rework part of their menus to be absurd and give a discount if a customer orders the absurd. Auto dealers can bring a car for a drive to your office along with a box lunch. Coffee Shops can close down the drive through and have wait staff (in doctors lab coats) take and deliver orders in the parking lot.

My suggestions above are very tame and only a little absurd, the fun and orthogonality I leave up to you and your team. Make all your marketing projects absurd (at least at the start). Stretch out what is possible, what is interesting and what is engaging to your clients and customers. Enjoy Absurdity Day all year long.



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