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Often the Creative side of Small Business is lost,
as Marketers chase their own Creativity (tails).

You communicate with people, right?

Marketing Is Commuicating

We all communicate with people we know and with people we don't know. We interact with friends, coworkers and our customers. Some of us are better at communicating then others, but we all communicate. Marketing is not rocket science. Marketing is not a mystery in a box. Marketing is, COMMUNICATION.

5 Questions Every Small Business Needs To Ask (themselves)

#1 What Products or Services Do You Offer?

#2 Who Are Your Competitors? (on and offline)

#3 Do You Want To Become A Bigger Business?

#4 Are You Willing To Put Your Time Into Marketing?

 #5 If You Answer No To #4
Than Are You Will To Spend On Marketing?

It's fine to not want to grow your business, many small business owners don't want to deal with hiring employees, don't want to deal with more paperwork etc.Many small business owners think they are required to grow big, but that is only pressure from society and not a reality. The size of your business comes down to what is good for you, period. Not what is good for your friends or neighbors. Plan your marketing accordingly.

What is important is that you know what path you want to be on, and that you plan your marketing campaigns with that knowledge in mind. Growing your business or staying where you are at this moment require totally different approaches to marketing.

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